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Treatment Specialties


Bipolar Disorder



Psychosis & Schizophrenic Disorders


Panic Disorder

Trauma & PTSD

Borderline Personality Disorder


Life can be overwhelming as we maneuver through difficult life transitions and encounter painful events. Challenging situations can bring-up strong emotions, distorted thoughts, negative behaviors, and destructive core beliefs that may become unmanageable and negatively impact your life. The way you have coped in the past may no longer be working and you may be unsure how to move forward. I believe that we all have the power to heal within ourselves. Change can be difficult, but we can work to figure out your next steps towards your goals.

​I practice a person-centered approach where I accept each client for who they are and   for  exactly  where  they  are   in   the  healing   process.  I   foster  a   trusting, compassionate, nonjudgmental space where you are free to explore and discover the obstacles that have been holding you back from living the life you desire. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you realize how your thoughts influence the way you feel and how your feelings influence your behaviors.​

Through my own personal therapy journey I found healing, peace, and empowerment to make necessary changes in my life. That feeling of gratitude inspired me to help others achieve their own state of well-being.


I earned my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health from Sam Houston State University, and I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor (#78630). I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults in outpatient and inpatient psychiatric hospitals and with individuals, couples, and families in a private practice setting.

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