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Panic Disorder


Social Anxiety

Fears and Phobias




Somatic Symptom Disorder


Whether you are in intense crisis or an average healthy individual, the knowledge that comes from understanding how the mind processes can improve how you think, how you feel and how you interact with others. Intrusive thoughts and the compulsive behavior of dwelling in the thought (worry) until we have 100% certainty is a faulty training of the mind; it originates in our young mind as a child with immature cognitive abilities, leading to the development of errored-thinking and biased perception.


This is an educative approach for understanding how our mind is processing with biased perception and faulty data. The mind is weak because of faulty thinking, the mind is dwelling in thoughts that are not factual, making a faulty reality that continues in our mind as an adult - causing stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Change occurs by taking ownership of our mind with thoughts and perception that are no longer biased and distorted.


I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor (#9453) for 35 years and have a BA in Psychology from UH, UH Master’s in Sociology, and pursual of a PhD in Counseling Psychology at UH. My professional writings have focused on the development of a Study Guide for Taking Ownership of Our Mind and how to retrain the mind into a factual reality.

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What will my first therapy session be like?

After looking over your paperwork and informing you about confidentiality, you and your counselor will discuss your concerns, symptoms, personal history, and treatment goals. Your counselor will decide if they are the best clinician to meet your needs, and you will decide if your counselor is a comfortable fit.


If not now, when?

Do something today your future self will thank you for

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