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Houston Parents Counseling

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Parenting children is a natural part of the life cycle that can be a joyous and rewarding experience. There are unique developmental changes associated with parenthood, however, including shifts in roles, responsibilities, values, identity, and lifestyle that may require drastic adjustments in a short period of time, which we may not always be prepared for.

Parents may struggle with changes to the couple’s relationship and intimacy, conflicting parenting styles between partners, social connection with other adults, time for self-care, work-family balance, and unresolved issues from one’s own family of origin. Parents of children with developmental, physical, and emotional disorders may find parenting especially difficult, and single parents may find it challenging to consistently meet the logistical, financial, and emotional needs of their children. Any parent can experience parental burnout when the demands of meeting their child’s needs do not match the resources they have available. Not only can parental burnout be very distressing for the parent and be related to the development of mental and behavioral health conditions, but it can also be detrimental to the parent-child relationship and the child’s overall outcome.

What is Parent Counseling & How Could it Help My Family?

At The Resilience Center of Houston, there are therapists that can help parents navigate the unique challenges and adjustments that accompany this stage of life. Therapy may involve normalizing the parent’s experience, addressing feelings of guilt and shame, strengthening the couple’s connection, building the social support network, and parent training.

You don’t have to go it alone; we can help. Contact us today for the support you deserve.


At The Resilience Center of Houston, we are open, affirming, and welcoming of all ethnicities, cultures, socio-economic statuses, genders, sexual identities, religions, and abilities. We work with people from all over greater Houston and accept reimbursement from 30+ insurance and EAP companies.

Greater Houston Therapy Locations

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In-person Counseling

With five locations across Greater Houston, we offer convenient access to licensed therapists dedicated to your healing and treatment goals.

Virtual Online Counseling

Live telehealth therapy

is available in Texas from the comfort of your home

or office. Sessions are confidential through video conferencing.

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