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Houston Anger Management Counseling

we treat anger

Anger is a normal, adaptive emotion but may be problematic if you find yourself feeling angry frequently and very intensely. Rage and anger outbursts hurt others, damage your relationships, and hinder your ability to experience peace and joy in your life.

Anger management can help reduce the distress experienced by anger and the negative impact resulting from unhealthy expressions of anger. Therapy to treat anger may address the below tasks.

·       Identify the triggers for anger

·       Understand the emotional and physiological arousal associated with anger

·       Explore root causes, including past hurt and trauma

·       Build distress tolerance and healthy coping skills

·       Learn to express your feelings constructively

·       Minimize stressful or anger-evoking situations

·       Heal damaged relationships

Our therapists are licensed in Texas with a Master's or Doctoral level education and offer a wide variety of evidence-based therapeutic techniques and approaches to provide you with optimal professional care.

Take the first step towards healing with compassionate care and experts you can trust.

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