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Houston Teen Counseling

we treat teenagers

Adolescence is a key time for developing identity and forming lifelong healthy behaviors. It is not uncommon for teenagers to need help coping with school stress, social anxiety, sexual assault, bullying, social media, self-harm, peer pressure, sexual identity, alcohol and drug use, aggression and behavioral problems, and divorce and blended family adjustment.

Research finds that early diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders are vital in preventing more serious, persistent conditions. The therapeutic rapport built between the teen and the therapist is key to the success of treatment. A teenager that trusts their counselor may feel safe to explore their emotions without judgment and may be more open to new ideas. The Resilience Center of Houston has licensed therapists trained to connect with teens and address the unique issues facing adolescents today. The therapist will help the teenager express their thoughts and feelings constructively and develop healthy coping skills and problem-solving to use over their lifetime.

Greater Houston Therapy Locations

In-Person Counseling_edited.jpg

In-person Counseling

With five locations across Greater Houston, we offer convenient access to licensed therapists dedicated to your healing and treatment goals.

Virtual Online Counseling

Live telehealth therapy

is available in Texas from the comfort of your home

or office. Sessions are confidential through video conferencing.

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