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Houston Panic Therapy

we treat panic attacks

A panic attack, sometimes called an anxiety attack, can be described as the sudden experience of intense fear in the absence of any actual danger. The attack includes physical symptoms, like rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, chills, sweating, shaking, dizziness, choking sensation, nausea, numbness, chest pain, and distressing feelings and ideas, like they’re going crazy, feelings of detachment, and impending doom. Panic attacks may be connected to other mental health disorders, like social anxiety, OCD, substance-related disorders, PTSD, depression, and agoraphobia.

Panic Attacks may be divided into two categories, cued and uncued panic attacks. Cued panic attacks, also referred to as situational panic attacks, are attacks that come on in response to a situational trigger, like crowds, spiders, and other stimuli. An uncued panic attack, also called a spontaneous panic attack, refers to an attack that seems to come out of the blue and is not linked to any trigger or situation.

Some researchers believe panic attacks are “false alarms” in which our body’s survival instincts are activated too frequently or intensely. Those with Panic Disorder may be hypersensitive to hormones that trigger excitement in the body. Approximately 11% of Americans experience a panic attack each year and 2 to 3% go on to develop Panic Disorder, repeated, unexpected panic attacks. If left untreated, Panic Disorder can affect a person’s quality of life and lead to difficulty functioning. Those with Danic Disorder may avoid situations that could trigger an attack or avoid situations that could be difficult to escape, get help, or lead to embarrassment. The fear of having a panic attack is often experienced as more distressing (anticipatory anxiety) than the panic attack itself, which typically lasts 10 minutes or less.

Treatment may include medication, psychological education, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle changes. At The Resilience Center of Houston, we have therapists trained to treat panic attacks with compassion and skill. Start your therapeutic journey toward relief and empowerment today.

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