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Treatment Specialties

Life Transitions


Anxiety & Stress

Chronic Pain

Relationship Issues

School Issues

Academic Underachievement



We can find ourselves getting entangled in a fast-paced world, living our lives based on the expectations of others. The mixed messages we may receive from family and larger society might contribute to the anxiety and confusion we experience.


Therapy can be a place to allow ourselves to slow down, explore our fears and desires, feel heard, and heal. Clients can receive an unbiased, nonjudgmental, and fresh perspective from a trained professional in a safe environment in which their personal information is confidential. Let me help you grow to reach your treatment goals and achieve a higher quality of life.


Utilizing a dynamic, collaborative, and Humanistic approach to counseling, I integrate technology and data-driven results to reach the best treatment outcomes. I strongly value the development of the client-therapist relationship and place a special emphasis on how meaning is made. To meet the treatment needs of my clients, I use diverse techniques that include Mindfulness, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Narrative Therapies.


I am a bilingual (fluent in English and Spanish) Licensed Professional Counselor (#74221) in Texas and obtained a Master's of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Rehabilitation Services from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. My experience involves the provision of counseling services, mental health consultation, brief interventions, risk assessment, biopsychosocial assessment, diagnostic assessment, and clinical supervision in various settings, including a residential facility, Employee Assistance Programs, and community-based counseling.

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