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Trauma & PTSD

Physical & Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence

Family Dysfunction





Immigrant Populations

Deciding to begin therapy can be overwhelming because the idea of change can be overwhelming. While inevitable, change doesn’t have to happen all at once; it requires practice, persistence, and a supportive environment.


I approach each person with humility and respect and honor each individual’s unique experiences. I aim to understand the larger systems, including the relationships, community, and society, that shape who we are and where we are today. My approach to therapy is grounded in providing evidence-based treatment, treatment proven to be effective, and creating a collaborative space where we can work toward your desired changes together.

 My decision to enter social work stemmed from the belief that all persons are deserving of justice, equity, and a life they are happy and proud to live. This conviction extends to my work as a therapist. I believe every person should have the opportunity to explore, process, and implement changes fundamental to creating and living a fulfilling and enjoyable life.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#62103) with over seven years of experience in case management and clinical work in community and healthcare settings. I received a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from St. Edward’s University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Houston. My education and professional experiences have centered on providing services to adolescents and adults who have experienced various traumas, including human trafficking, assault and abuse, loss of a loved one, medical complications, and other difficult life transitions. I have worked in various environments, including home, school, juvenile detention, outpatient medical clinics, and inpatient psychiatric units.

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