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Adjustment Disorders


Relationship Issues


Family Dysfunction


Thinking Disorders

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”– Victor Frankl 

I believe it’s an act of bravery to seek support and engage in the therapeutic journey. To sit with pain, fear, and discomfort can be challenging, yet it can have a profound impact on our growth, healing and overall well-being. Your whole self is welcome and encouraged  in  our  work  together.  I  strive  to  provide  a  safe and non-judgmental environment  while  empowering  you  to  reach  your   goals through developing your strengths and equipping you with practical psychoeducation and tools along the way.

​Rooted in an ecological systems framework, I integrate various evidence-based methodologies and techniques to most effectively address your unique concerns and circumstances. I particularly enjoy incorporating mindfulness techniques and strategies to assist with nervous system regulation.

I am committed to cultural humility and strive to prioritize culturally responsive, antiracist and trauma-informed values in my work and life. I try to work on my blind spots as a therapist and human being on a regular basis. I am affirming and open to working with LGBTQIA+ populations and those with alternative life and/or relationship styles and orientations.​



I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#106225) and have been working in the mental health field for over 10 years. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Portland and a Masters of Social work from Case Western Reserve University. As a graduate student I specialized in Adult Mental Health and focused my studies on evidence-based practices in treating co-occurring disorders as a Clinical Leadership Fellow. I have worked in a wide variety of mental health settings with adults and children including inpatient, community-based outpatient, private practice, psychosocial clubhouse, school systems and child welfare reformation. My postgraduate work and training has focused on healing a wide range of trauma. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and trained in EMDR working toward certification.​

My leadership experience ranges from my work serving as Peace Corps volunteer in Panamá to my clinical and administrative leadership of kinship care initiatives in Ohio.

In my work as a Peace Corps volunteer, I was awarded a grant to develop and lead a team of local educators and fellow Peace Corps volunteers to implement province-wide trainings to improve learning outcomes for students in the public education system. Following my service, I was awarded a Clinical Leadership Fellowship as a graduate student, where my work and research focused on applying effective leadership of evidence-based and trauma-informed clinical practices in diverse behavioral healthcare settings.  

I was selected to direct and implement a program initiative funded by the Ohio Attorney General in 2017 to increase kinship care placements and wrap around support to children and their families involved with DCFS. I partnered with stakeholders, researchers and hired and developed a team of practitioners to implement the program. The program is still widely practiced in Ohio today, and for my leadership of the team and success with initial program outcomes I was awarded the Emerging Leader of the Year award by the National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Chapter, in 2018.  

I believe that accomplishing worthwhile endeavors takes a village, and my role as a leader to is to encourage and celebrate the unique skills and perspectives of all team members, while simultaneously providing support when challenges arise. When team members are valued and cared for as people and therapists, I believe that this leads to all around better outcomes for everyone, including those we serve. I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to support a team of therapist so they may feel empowered and energized to the do the truly meaningful work of therapy! 

Before moving to Texas, I lived in Oregon, Ohio and Panamá and am originally from northern California. Outside of the therapy office I support my own wellness through running, yoga, meditation, exploring nature and connecting with loved ones. I enjoy learning, traveling, cooking, reading and all things animals.​

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