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Schedule therapy with a licensed professional in Greater Houston.

Houston Mental Health Therapy Counseling Services

What is Psychotherapy?

At The Resilience Center of Houston, we believe in the healing power of connection and the human capacity to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances. Also known as talk therapy or counseling, psychotherapy allows clients to confidentially process through problems with a skilled expert involving issues that may be hard to face alone. The client is the most powerful instrument for change, and therapy allows the individual a safe place to connect,  heal, discover, and grow.

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In-person Counseling

With five locations across Greater Houston, we offer convenient access to licensed therapists dedicated to your healing and treatment goals.

Virtual Online Counseling

Live telehealth therapy

is available in Texas from the comfort of your home

or office. Sessions are confidential through video conferencing.

Greater Houston Therapy Locations

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Do you feel alone in your struggles?

Feeling like it's hard to go on?

Are you ready to transform your life?

How much does counseling cost?

Have you ever wondered about the cost of therapy in Texas? We are in-network with most major insurances and employee assistance programs and offer competitive private pay rates to meet our clients' needs.

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How Can Therapy Help Me?

These are just some of the potential benefits clients may find in counseling.
help me achieve my goals
change self-defeating behaviors
better resolve conflict
learn to communicate my feelings
better understand myself
work towards better relationships
sort through my emotions
change negative thinking
know that I'm not alone
develop better coping skills
set healthy boundaries
learn to love myself
greater sense of purpose & meaning
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Client Testimonial

"Such an amazing experience I've been having. I was very happy with the therapist that I got and she knows how to talk to me like
an equal but also how to help me set goals and follow through
with them. She has helped me so much I cannot tell you how
great this organization is and how much I would suggest it to
others. In fact I just referred one of my family members."
Rebecca Higgins Woodlands Play Therapist
Katherine Robichaux LCSW Houston Midtown Therapist
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Veronica Cavazos LCP-S Counselor Therapist Pearland_edited.jpg
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Chelseyah Bolden LPC Woodlands Therapist Counselor Texas
Some of our Licensed Therapists across Greater Houston

Steps to a better you


Call 346-206-3992 or Request Appointment to get started.


We accept most insurance and will provide you with a quote for therapy.


We’ll match you with a licensed therapist that best fits your needs.


We’ll book your first appointment with easy instructions.



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What are the benefits of online therapy in Texas?


When trying to balance work, school, kids, family, and home, it may be hard to find the time to get to in-person therapy appointments. Online counseling allows you to schedule sessions at convenient times that work for your busy schedule.


You have a better selection of therapists online than may be available at your local therapy office. Find the virtual therapist in Texas that’s just right for you.

Personal Space

Talking through sensitive issues in-person may be intimidating and overwhelming for some people. Virtual therapy in the comfort of your own home may provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings


You may have a disability that makes it difficult for you to get around or drive to a therapy office. Virtual counseling allows you to access quality mental health care that may not otherwise be easily available

Have questions about therapy?

We have answers.
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