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Thinking Disorders

Conflict Management

Couples Counseling

Military and Veterans

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Health and Wellness

Christian Counseling

I believe that individuals and families are a sum of their past, present, and future life experiences. Positive or negative, these experiences help to shape how you think, feel, and ultimately respond to this world’s expected and unexpected challenges. Life is a journey, and there are times we need to reach-out to each other along the way.

Throughout my career of service, I have spent countless hours actively listening to people share their fears, doubts, frustrations, dreams, and successes. It is in my character and best practice to “meet people where they are.” My goal is to create a psychologically safe environment to communicate and establish a professional, compassionate, and healthy therapeutic alliance. Utilizing a strengths-based approach, I work to create a team environment in which you can uncover your own unique strengths. “Shifting” your thinking and learning how to use your individual gifts can lead to a higher quality of everyday life.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#69421) in the State of Texas and the State of Alabama. My Bachelor of Science in Social Work was earned at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and my Masters of Social Work was earned at the University of Alabama. Nearly two decades of service with individuals and families has been in the non-profit sector, in child welfare, and with Military Veterans. During my own life journey, I have provided service to our Country and am an Iraqi Enduring Freedom War Veteran. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Veteran, my life experiences have humbly prepared me to connect with others as they begin their personal path to heal.

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