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Life Transitions

Adjustment Disorder


Women's Issues

Physical and Sexual Abuse

Christian Counseling


Panic Disorder

Mood Disorders

Are you overcome with anxiety or tired of dealing with depression? Do you feel plagued by unresolved trauma or have been struggling with the same issues and challenges over and over again? Maybe you are searching for purpose and meaning. If you feel stuck or moving in the wrong direction, you are not alone. Don't lose hope. As a fully invested clinician and fellow human being, I'm dedicated to serving all people of all affiliations and backgrounds. Re-imagine a different, more fulfilling life, and let me help you take the next step forward.

I strive to facilitate restoration and well-being by helping clients utilize undiscovered  strengths.  I  view  myself  as  one  who is there to  compassionately challenge you to be authentic with yourself and to be empowered with choices. Another vital part of our therapeutic journey is identifying your unique set of values and how they impact your functioning as you move away from or towards them. Learning how to live intentionally towards your values while finding a tolerance for the pain and challenges that will accompany this endeavor can lead to a more fully lived life.

As an Art Therapist, I believe creativity is a universal part of the way we function and is not unique to any one type of person. Talking through your concerns can really help, and where appropriate and beneficial, artistic exploration can also be used in treatment to encourage expression, anxiety relief, new perspective, problem solving and healing.


My education includes a BFA from Louisiana State University and an MA from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. I have had clinical experience in private practice, school, inpatient, community outreach and several other settings. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (#74840) and Registered Art Therapist in Texas, my skills and training meet my natural compassion and belief in each person’s ability to heal and grow.

Steps to a new you


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How Can Treatment Help Me?

These are just some of the potential benefits clients may find in counseling.
help me achieve my goals
change self-defeating behaviors
better resolve conflict
learn to communicate my feelings
better understand myself
work towards better relationships
sort through my emotions
change negative thinking
know that I'm not alone
develop better coping skills
set healthy boundaries
learn to love myself
greater sense of purpose & meaning
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Better you
Better life
Better tomorrow

Schedule therapy with an expert you can trust.

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