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Houston Addiction Counseling & Therapy

we treat addiction

Addiction is a state of psychological or physical dependence that can develop from any source capable of stimulating an individual. A person can be addicted to substances, like drugs and alcohol, or can be addicted to activities, like gambling, gaming, and sex.


Addiction is treatable and enables a person to counteract the neurological and behavioral changes addiction has caused to gain better control of their lives. Although frequently misunderstood, research suggests that long-lasting recovery requires treatment of the underlying factors driving addiction. Treatment may include work on the below tasks.

·        Addressing cravings and triggers for use

·        Understanding numbing and self-medicating behavior

·        Lessening the weight of emotional distress and trauma

·        Reframing irrational beliefs and distorted thinking

·        Connection to a recovery community

·        Creating new behavioral patterns

·        Strengthening identity and authenticity

·        Creating meaningful relationships

·        Building life purpose

·        Cultivating spiritual connection

·        Healing damaged relationships

This is not the end and may be the beginning of you taking charge of your life. The Resilience Center of Houston has licensed experts trained to treat addiction. Let us help.

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