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Integrity. Respect. Confidentiality. These are values I live by in my personal life and within my practice as a Mental Health Therapist. To be effective in work with vulnerable individuals, one must have the highest level of integrity. The therapeutic process is based upon trust; without trust, the therapist and client will only touch upon the shallowest of issues. To reach therapeutic goals, the relationship between therapist and client requires going deep into issues -issues which are usually quite sensitive. Behaving without integrity puts the client at risk, and the core of the most troubling issues may never be addressed.

I am proud to demonstrate the highest level of respect for clients and their concerns. My experience and effectiveness in working with clients who differ from me in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, citizenship status, political persuasion, intellectual ability, religion, sexual orientation, and economic status has been positive. In fact, I genuinely like and respect people who might defer from me and have a welcoming presentation to all. Helping my clients to feel comfortable enough with me to engage in the treatment process is of the utmost importance.​

I begin each therapeutic relationship with an expectation of positive outcomes for the client. Each client has strengths, often unrecognized, that we work with to bring about positive, desired change. I work from a systems approach, i.e., a change in one part of a system will lead to changes in other parts of the system. To reach optimal mental health and social functioning, each part of a client’s system (physical, spiritual, social, cognitive, familial, emotional, etc.) is considered. I help clients better understand the relationship between their problems and their systems and take ownership in making improvements in their lives.​​​​​


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#05982) and hold the Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Texas at Austin and the Master of Social Work from the University of Houston. I have been employed at psychiatric hospitals, treatment programs, and Universities and have worked with children, adolescents, college students, adults, and the elderly. I lead with empathy and respect and have great understanding of those with anxiety, and other mental health issues. 

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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