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I believe therapy can change every aspect of a person’s life, turning what previously seemed insurmountable into the manageable. Mental health problems often develop because of long-held thoughts and perceptions that may no longer serve the client in a positive way.

​Within themselves, each person has the power and strength to tackle the challenges and difficulties they face. It’s my job, as a clinician, to help them access that power and strength, and I do this by first providing a non-judgmental and positive environment. This allows us to identify the thoughts and perceptions that are influencing  their  actions,  both  positive  and  negative.  Real,  affirming  change can happen when we openly examine the thinking that is holding us back and work to change those thoughts that are no longer servicing our goals. I’m excited to help clients with that self-examination and re-building process.


I’ve practiced in the mental health field for several years, which has included work in psychiatric hospitals, addiction treatment, and outpatient programs. I completed my undergraduate degrees (Journalism/Sociology) at the University of Oregon, my law degree at the University of Houston Law Center, and my master's degree in psychology at the University of Houston - Victoria. Prior to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (#68886), I practiced as an attorney for many years primarily in the family law field. I realized therapy was my passion and made the switch to counseling, which has provided me immeasurable satisfaction. I am eager to help you find your unique path to growth and satisfaction in your life!

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