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  • Jenny Burkholder, PhD, LMFT, LPC

Why Finding a Therapist That Takes Your Insurance is So Important

4 considerations that may aid your therapeutic journey

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Seeking professional help may sometimes be overwhelming, especially when considering the cost. We'll discuss the top 4 reasons why finding a therapist that takes your insurance may aid your therapeutic journey.


Using insurance to pay for your mental healthcare is a financial benefit that will likely save you money in the long run. Therapy sessions can be costly, averaging about $150 per session in the United States; even one session without insurance can be a significant expense. If you find a therapist that accepts your insurance, the cost per session can be significantly reduced, making it more accessible to the average person.

Better Quality Care

If you have insurance, you can choose from a pool of in-network therapists who have been vetted by your insurance company. It typically takes months for insurance carriers to verify a therapist’s education, training, and experience before allowing the provider in-network status. By finding a therapist paneled with your insurance company, you’ll likely save time searching for a quality provider and benefit from better care and outcomes.

Long-Term Therapy

Therapy is often a long-term commitment to achieve and sustain the outcomes we want. Paying out of pocket for services can add up and may be financially stressful. Finding a therapist that accepts your insurance ensures you continue receiving the treatment you need for longer without sacrificing your financial health.

Consistency of Treatment

The cost of each session may be a significant factor in deciding how often you see your therapist. If therapy is a financial burden, some people may skip sessions or choose to attend therapy less frequently. Attending weekly therapy sessions, however, is often crucial to the rapport-building process with your therapist, to your ongoing progress in treatment, and to successful long-term results. By finding a therapist that accepts your insurance, you may be better able to attend therapy consistently and set yourself up for therapeutic success.

Overall, finding a therapist that accepts your insurance may offer financial benefits, ensure quality care, allow for longer-term therapy, and support regularity of treatment. Don't let the cost of mental healthcare prevent you from getting the help you need. Finding a therapist that accepts your insurance may be the first step to achieving your mental health goals. Reach out to your insurance company and start the journey to a healthier you today!

The Resilience Center of Houston accepts many Insurance plans and provides therapy to children, teens, and adults with several locations in greater Houston.


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