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Working through difficult emotions is a key factor in you living your best life, but sometimes fear and anxiety keeps us from accessing and processing these feelings. I can teach you not only to challenge uncomfortable emotions but to work through those deeper feelings that may get in the way of your success. 

During my time as a college swimmer, I learned to practice controlled breathing to increase my speed and focus. Now I use breath control to achieve success in everyday living. Early in my career, I was taught to work with horses as a way to increase emotional awareness. I’ve combined my lifelong passion of fly-fishing with breathing techniques and emotional awareness to facilitate therapy sessions aimed at helping people work through various emotional pain.

I have a transtheoretical orientation and have found components of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and strengths recognition instrumental in treating my clients’ needs.​​​​​


​I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Denver, became a Master of Social Work at the University of Houston, and am now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#52783). I have worked as a licensed therapist in several partial hospitalization programs around the Houston area, serving adults with substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and other persistent mental illness.

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